The project Idea

The background

The Textile

Increasing competition from emerging economies and the global economic downturn are resulting in severe pressure on textile enterprises in Europe. The Greek Textile industry was for decades the engine of the economic development of the country.

However, during last years the Greek textile companies have confronted serious challenges. According to recent statistical data, the employees in the Greek textile industry are estimated to be around twenty five thousand (25.000) and the operating companies are estimated to be more than two thousand (2.000).

Textile and apparel industry in Bulgaria is the second most important industry (after tourism) for the country’s economy. This industry includes around 3.000 small and medium companies, which employ approximately 170.000 people.

What we Want

The general objective


Thessaloniki chamber of commerce & industry

Lead Beneficiary

The 2nd Chamber in Greece in terms of size and its contribution in the development of the country is of high importance

Hellenic Fashion Industry Association

Beneficiary GR

The main representative of the apparel and textile industry in Greece.


Beneficiary BG

An association of companies in the field of Textiles and Apparel in Bulgaria established in 2006A

Gnosi Anaptixiaki NGO

Beneficiary Gr

 A non-governmental, and non-profit making, national based development agency


Beneficiary Bg

 A non-profit organization, established in 2004 with the objective to initiate and implement activities related to entrepreneurial development

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