The opportunities for growth through the networking of companies in the clothing and fashion sector were presented in an interactive workshop hosted by the TCCI

Thessaloniki 30.03.2023

The common problems faced by enterprises operating in the clothing and fashion industry and the opportunities to address them, that emerge through networking and the development of partnerships, were presented in a networking workshop, organized by the Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce & Industry (TCCI), on March 29, 2023. The interactive workshop was part of a series of activities organized by the TCCI for the empowerment of small and medium-sized enterprises of the fashion sector in Greece and Bulgaria, in the framework of the co-funded project CREATIVE HUB.

On behalf of the TCCI, the Deputy Director of Statistics, Studies & Research, Mr. Antonios Bouboulas, welcomed the participants and presented the scope and the main activities of the CREATIVE HUB project, with emphasis on the networking and informative events the consulting services for fashion businesses implemented by the TCCI, which is the Lead Beneficiary of the project.

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