Information guide material

Information guide material created to support consulting actions:


•Types of logistics

•Logistics in the field of clothing and textiles

•The role of technology in efficient management of clothing supply chains

•Benefits of supply chain management in the clothing industry

•Challenges of supply chain management and operation

•Best practices for supply chain management in the clothing industry

•Fast-fashion and analysis of its strategy

 *Case study – BSB

•The consumer

•Marketing principles

•Types of marketing

•Digital marketing

•Export marketing

•Marketing Plan

•Marketing in the clothing and textiles sector

•Introduction to Social Media

•Personal Data Protection – General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

•Social commerce

•Social media in Clothing and Textiles sectors

•Tips to manage a professional profile on social media

•Good practices by fashion companies on social media

•Categorization of funding sources

•Different types of funding

•Financial tools for companies / NSRF 2014-2020 & New Programming Period 2021-2027

•European Funding Programs through Financial Instruments (COSME, Creative Europe, etc.)

•Basic principles of product pricing

•Efficient product pricing methods

•Product pricing & pricing factors

•Price shaping strategies

•Pricing in the clothing industry / Basic principles of clothing pricing

•Industry 4.0 Technologies

•Application of new technologies in the fashion sector

•Hi-tech fashion

•E-textiles technology

•Smart Clothing

•Scope and basic functions of the HR management

•The changing technological environment in HR Management & e-HRM

•New forms of HR Training

•Corporate social responsibility

•Impact of technology on work

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