The results and outputs of the CREATIVE HUB Project for businesses and professionals of the fashion sector were presented at the Final Project Event in Thessaloniki

The results and tools created during the two years of implementation of the CREATIVE HUB project, for the empowerment of SMEs, professionals and students of the fashion sector in Greece and Bulgaria, were presented at the Final Project Event in Thessaloniki hosted by  Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TCCI) on May 17, 2023, at the Mediterranean Palace Hotel.

The event started with welcome speeches by Mr. Emmanuel Vlachogiannis, First Vice-President of the TCCI, which is the Project’s Lead Beneficiary, and Mr. Theofilos Aslanidis, General Manager of the Hellenic Fashion Industry Association (SEPEE), also beneficiary of the project.

Mr. Antonios Bouboulas, Director of Statistics, Studies & Research of the TCCI, presented the results produced in the framework of the project, as well as the infrastructure and the tools developed, emphasizing on the fashion laboratory created at the premises of SEPEE, but also on the consulting and networking activities, through which new collaborations between entrepreneurs in the sector emerged.

Ms. Athanasia Soultana, representing the third Greek Project Beneficiary, GNOSI ANAPTIXIAKI NGO, presented the Services Guide for the CREATIVE HUB fashion laboratory and the main points and conclusions of the 3 Reports on the fashion sector, prepared in the framework of the project.

During the event, Mrs. Stavroula Angelidou, Head of the Public Relations, Press & Publications Department of TCCI, also presented the 3 talented young designers who emerged as winners of the Garment Design Competition, which was organized as part of the networking activities of the project.

During the event, Mrs. Stavroula Angelidou, Head of the Public Relations & Press Department of the TCCI, presented the 3 talented young designers who were winners of the Clothing Design Competition, which was held as part of the networking activities of the project.

In the last part of the event, Mrs. Fotini Dimiou, Business Consultant & Coach and responsible for TCCI’s consulting activity for the provision of consulting support services to 20 companies of the clothing/textile sector, made an assessment of this activity and the current situation of the sector. Mrs. Dimiou initially referred to the most important current challenges for the entrepreneurs in the sector, who are faced with the intense international competition and suffer the consequences of high operating costs. Summarizing her proposals for the next day, she stressed, among other things, the necessity of networking and developing synergies between businesses in the sector, the incorporation of traditional Greek elements for the creation of a unique national identity, the adoption of a common branding strategy, the close cooperation with training centers in the textile sector, etc.

The presentations were followed by a lively and constructive discussion with the participating entrepreneurs and designers on the common problems they face and the initiatives that could contribute to addressing them and further developing the industry.

 The event is available on the CREATIVE HUB channel on YouTube.

The CREATIVE HUB project is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and national funds of the countries participating in the Cooperation Programme Interreg V-A “Greece-Bulgaria 2014-2020”.

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