Evaluation Report

2nd Fashion Trends Seminar 20/10/2022 Evaluation Report

SEPEE organized the second fashion trends seminar on 20 October 2022. The event was organized face to face. Overall, 50 people attended the seminar.

From the 32 respondents, 13% were students and 87% were employed. The personal level of involvement / understanding of fashion trends before the course had an average score of 4,00 (from 1 having no prior knowledge to 5 being expert in the fashion trends field). This score rose to 4,68 after the course. It is important to note that most respondents that did not have an expertise in fashion trends, experienced some improvement. In particular, from 14 experts before the seminar, the number rose to 22.

As far as the overall rating of the presentation and the platform is concerned, the following table presents the average scores for each evaluation question.

1. Did the presentation meet your expectations? 97%
2. The programme agenda included all the important topics 96%
3. The timing of the event was sufficient 95%
4. The content of the presentations were clear and complete 98%
5. Sufficient time was allocated to each issue on the agenda 97%

Suggestions / comments:

• It was amazing! I’ve learned a lot from the presentation. It was very interesting. Thank you!
• In our company we already work in issues related to SS24, which means that in the next presentation we should focus on the next season.
• Maybe a more detailed look on the elements used such as buttons, laces, feathers etc. i.e. metal buttons or multicolored feathers
• Provision of information on colours and pattern prints perhaps one month earlier would be nice.


The overall organization can be considered as a considerable success with all aspects scoring high marks. SEPEE and the contractors will take under consideration the above remarks when preparing the next version of the fashion trends seminar.

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